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reservation for one, emergency please

<b>Name: </b> Krystal Champagne Lewis!
<b>Age: </b> 15
<b>Location: </b> Danbury
<b>Religion: </b> Hmm =\ I don't really know to be honest.

<b>Name ten or more of your favorite bands: </b>

- Eisley!<33333

- Taking Back Sunday

- Frou Frou

- Alexisonfire

- Brand New

- The Used

- Fall Out Boy

- Disturbed

- My Chemical Romance

- Sugarcult
<b>Name ten or more of your least favorite bands: </b>

- Simple Plan

- Good Charlotte

- Wow can't believe how brain dead I am right now. =[







<b>Favorite movies: </b> Eurotrip, Garden State, Tuck Everlasting, Now & Then, The Notebook, Dirty Dancing Havana Nights, House of 9, Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind, Thirteen, && Any movie that is guarenteed to scare you shitless!
<b>Favorite books: </b> Cut, Keeping you a secret (If you haven't read it you definetly should!), Say goodnight Gracie, Romeo && Juliet, && Speak
<b>Loves: </b> Eating, Singing, Dancing, Acting, Decorating, When things are clean, People that don't judge people, Romantics, Taking pictures, Sleeping, Music that has meaning, Being hyper, School (yes I know I`m a loser but try being home after surgery for 2 LONG weeks lol), and my friends<3
<b>Hates: </b> PERVERTS! UGH! lol, mean people, being woken up for a stupid reason, songs about sex, drugs & lies, Old men that try to have sex with young girls, people that post pictures && say "I`M SO UGLY!!"

<b>What's your opinion on the U.S. government?</b> In every Bush is a Dick =D haha J/P but I really don't like Bush. I mean after hurricane Katrina it`s like okay are you going to help our people out? No he has to help people that HATE us! Ugh! But oh god now texas gets hit by Rita! NOT BUSH'S HOME! Now we HAVE to help them! What a fucking dick!
<b>Abortion? </b> I`m Pro-Choice even though I`ve seen the hurtful pictures. It can be for the good but i admit it`s a sad thing.
<b>Suicide/Self Injury? </b> I`m not going to lie. I use to cut. I think it`s a bad thing to do but I can honestly see why people do self injury. I admit I wish people would get help but it`s not as easy as it looks. It`s embarassing && i HATED talking about it. After my best friend commited suicide it was like half of me was dead too. One suicide really does kill alot of people. I think if anyone wants to commit suicide they should think it over. I studied it and it really is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. ='[
<b>Labels: </b> OMFG!! Someone please shoot me! Right now this girl told my boyfriend that he can do better! She`s never talked to me or even been around me to get a little taste of how I am. It`s like all of a sudden I`m labeled as a stuck up bitch being I usually always get what I want. I am far from it. Ask anyone I am one of the nicest people && I don't treat anyone bad. I fucking hate labels with a passion!

<b>Remember your first show? Tell. </b> Can you believe I`ve never been to a concert!? I should be shot for being so lame. lmao
<b>Pet peeves: </b> When people snort their snot into their mouth! YUCK! && when people tap when it`s perfect silence haha.
<b>Play anything? </b> Nope. Keyboards in the closest lonely =[ lol.
<b>Promote in two places and show us the link. </b> JUST TWO?! AHH! I`m like the promoting queen.


<b>atleast three pictures: </b>

<img src="" alt="Image hosted by">


<img src="" alt="Image hosted by"><img src="" alt="Image hosted by"><img src="" alt="Image hosted by">


<img src="" alt="Image hosted by">


<img src="" alt="Image hosted by">


THANKS FOR YOUR TiME<3 =] (sorry in a good mood)

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