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Reservation for ONE, emergency PLEASE.

Name: Melissa.
Age: 15
Location: Danbury, CT
Religion: Pagan

Name ten or more of your favorite bands:
-My Chemical Romance
-The Killers
-Starting Line
-Pink Floyd
-The Offspring
-Blink 182
-Something Corporate
-Taking Back
-Green Day
-Steve Miller Band
Name ten or more of your least favorite bands:
-Good Charlotte
-Simple Plan
-The Used [they're OKAY]
-ugh i don't really know what to put here. I'm not really exposed to bands that I don't like enought to list. I mean, I always hear Good Charlotte & Simple Plan so it gets under my skin more and that's why I HATE them. But if I don't like a band, I just won't listen to them. And I don't hate them.. I just.. don't listen to them. hmm.

Favorite movies:
-Office Space
-West Side Story
-Disney Movies
Favorite books:
-The Secret Life of Bees
-The Lovely Bones
-Go Ask Alice
dancing, singing, nighttime, having fun, being stupid, running in the rain, swimming with my clothes on, taking showers in my bathing suit, taking showers with my friends in our bathing suits, having parties, going to parties, partying better than everyone else, not caring what everyone thinks, being weird, starting trends, being a kid, ignoring my dad, hating my mom, listening to loud music, singing badly loud to loud music, making everyone angry because I'm singing badly loud to loud music, talking to myself, making up stories, taking pictures, lying, exaggerating, hugging, being picked up, cuddling, spooning, playing footsie, holding hands, playing games that involve hurting myself [bloody knuckles, slaps, the "quarter game"], drinking tea, going to my grandmas house, going to Michigan, Jet skiing, pontooning, power tubing, camping, sleeping outside, running around outside in the dark with hardly any clothes on, watching scary movies, being scared in scary movies, going online, going on road trips with friends, giving people the middle finger.
smell of manuer [sp?], when the sun seems to shine on only me when I'm in the car and it hurts my eyes and is hotter than hot, when I'm stuck behind a slow car in the passing lane, when people drive like idiots, When people beep at me, when obnoxious illegal aliens have nothing better to do than to hit on you in a language you don't even understand, when people play "who let the dogs out" day and night full blast, when I go to the movies and it's colder than fuck, when I go to the movies and I can't get comfortable, when i go to the movies and try to cuddle but there's that stupid arm rest in the way, when people play tricks on me, when people touch me and I'm not close to them, when people try to grope me and we don't date or we're not that close of friends, when i'm walking in the hall and people are slow, when I'm walking in the halls and people keep bumping into me, when people interrupt me, when people think they're better than everyone else, when people can't take a hint.

What's your opinion on the U.S. government? I don't like Bush. I don't know how he got elected again considering everyone I know hates him. GO NADER! I swear, if Bush was allowed to be elected again, we would all die.
Abortion? Pro-choice. i don't like how people are trying to tell a woman what to do with her child. I'm sure she wouldn't get one unless she had to, so she's already going through enough guilt. She doesn't need a busload of protesters getting on her ass about it.
Suicide/Self Injury? Some people just do it for attention. Some people just really need help. I thinke everyone who does it for attention is just plain selfish because no one can tell who is serious and who isn't and hardly anyone wants to go through that mess anymore. I recently lost a friend in the beginning of the summer because she hung herself. And it makes me feel so guilty that I was trying to help my friend who was doing it for attention, while katie was in dire need of some serious help-- and me and the rest of who knew her, lost her. It's a shame. A fucking shame and it makes me so mad that I was busy trying to help someone who just wanted a shit load of attention, when Katie was a much better person, and she's dead now.
Labels: They're so lame. I don't think people should be judged until their known. Even then, people should just keep an open mind.

Remember your first show? Tell. I went to a pink concert. haha. That was my first show. i went with my mom and my friend Sami. And My friend, katie, I was telling about got mad at me because Pink was her idol and I didn't take her. It was pretty cool and everything. Except I think Pink looks a little skinnier on TV. She had some chub that day. But no doubt, she's still awesome.
Pet peeves: I don't like it when people interrupt me, or touch me a lot. Or if they make the same annoying noise OVER and OVER and OVER again. Or if I tell them something, and they don't rememeber.
Play anything? Well, I had a guitar a long time ago. And I thought my dad sold it. But it ends up my cousin had it. So I'm suppossed to be getting that back, and I will prolly teach myself how to play it. I used to know, But havn't had it in a while so I forgot pretty much =\
Promote in two places and show us the link.
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