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reservation for one, emergency please

Name: kyle
Age: 16
Location: vermont
Religion: agnostic

Name ten or more of your favorite bands:
  • the scene aesthetic
  • the early november
  • the honorary title
  • absinthe glow
  • the academy is...
  • armor for sleep
  • plain white t's
  • self against city
  • jamison parker
  • kill hannah
  • the used
  • mae
  • number one gun
  • terminal
  • anberlin
  • waking ashland
    Name ten or more of your least favorite bands:
  • 50fuckingcent
  • lil [fill in the blank]
  • ja rule
  • fat joe
  • mariah cary
  • rob thomas
  • rhianna [other than the fact that she sucks, her name reminds me of ghonnorea]
  • pussy cat dolls
  • tlc
  • ciara
    Favorite movies:
  • my life as a house
  • ice age
  • a step toward tomorrow
  • thirteen
  • donnie darko
    Favorite books:
  • the light keepers daughter
  • perks of being a wall flower
  • tuesdays with morrie
  • music
  • going to the movies
  • friends
  • meeting people
  • concerts
  • tight pants
  • shitty music
  • when someone i hate likes the same music as me
  • 50 cent
  • spiders
  • sea weed
  • slutty girls
  • wiggers/gangsters/towelcloth jumpsuit wearing kids
  • rap
  • hip hop

    What's your opinion on the U.S. government? it could be improved and bush should die after bringing back the people he sent to iraq and wherever else
    Abortion? i dont see why abortion is such a big deal. if you decide to get an abortion good for you. its not cruel, as long as its done during the first trimester. so. if you get an abortion during the first trimester when the child doesnt have a consience then its okey. if you do it later than you should think twice to make sure its what you really want.
    Suicide/Self Injury? if you really cant stand yourself then why not. BUT. it would be the worst thing to attempt suicide and then it end up not working
    Labels: like commercial labels? well. i really dont like labels. i dont care when im walking down the street and see someone wearing AE or whatever but i try not to wear any labels because I dont want to be labeled. the only thing i promote are the bands on my tee shirts.

    Remember your first show? Tell. green day. it was in canada. i love canada. it was realllly fun. i went with my friends hannah and aubrey. i am going again on september 9th with my friend jane. this time i have floor tickets.
    Pet peeves:
  • i hate when people write LykE ThIs ItS AnNOyiNg!!
  • when someones tag is sticking out
  • how on movies when the line on the phone goes dead or the other person hangs up it goes to the dial tone instead of the beep beep beep thingy.
  • lots of other things
    Play anything?
  • acoustic guitar
    Promote in two places and show us the link.

    atleast three pictures:

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    Image hosted by

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